Lord Jesus

What Lord do you serve?

Last week, there was an attack on many things. None of which can stand.

However, there is one in particular that I will address here, because it is my calling as a minister of Jesus Christ to do so.

What Lord do you serve?

Last week there were some who claimed to serve a Christ I do not recognize and a Jesus that bears no resemblance to our Lord and Savior that is described in the gospels. So, in order to ensure that you know who you are serving (always a good idea), allow me to describe our Lord more fully:

The Christ we serve is one who taught us that we are made to love and be loved. That we are to turn away from sin and chose a different path. That we are to denounce evil and its power in the world. That we are to follow in his way. For he brought sight to the blind. Made the lame walk. Welcomed the untouchable with open arms. Made the deaf to hear. Raised the dead. Brought good news to the poor. He taught mercy not self-righteous sacrifice. Proclaimed release to the captives. Fought to see the oppressed go free. Proclaimed the year of the Lord’s favor.

That is the real Christ. The Jesus of the gospels. The Living Word of God made flesh. Our only Lord and Savior. We are to follow no earthly lord before him. Serve no false prophet. Seek no true glory for ourselves. Our lives are meant to be about living out his Love. The love of the Beloved who chose a cross over the might of angel armies. Jesus Christ, who chose to fight with love and not violence. That is the Lord we serve.

We are to be disciples of this Jesus alone. Obeying his word and showing the love of God he taught us by loving our neighbors, and even our enemies. Showing the whole world that we are his disciples by displaying God’s love with every breath, every thought, every action of our lives.

This is not a permissive love. It is an all-encompassing love where God’s justice and righteousness are certainly present. Nevertheless, it is always a love that seeks a flourishing life for all of God’s children and most especially those that the world chooses to forget and to trample.

So make no mistake when you pray to Christ tonight. Know the Lord to whom you are praying. And have a good long talk.

Just make sure that you are praying to the Jesus of the gospels and not to yourself.

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