… the time is drawing nigh

The days are surely coming when the world will be transformed…

Keep your lamps trimmed and burning… for the time is drawing nigh.

Two thousand years ago, the world changed overnight with the sound of a baby’s cry. It had been a long time coming and predicted by so many. And contrary to the popular song, Mary did know who she carried within her body.

Jesus’ arrival brought change into the world. God re-membered the promises from of old and came among us to re-model the world into God’s desire. This meant that the blind received their sight, the lame walked, many were healed, the dead were raised – and that was just during Jesus’ earthly life.

The days are surely coming when the world will be transformed. This time, however, it will not only be the partial re-creation that we experience while we are waiting. Instead, the original intentions for creation will be fulfilled and life will become what it always should have been. All will have enough of whatever they need. All will be loved by God and one another. All will be welcomed.

However, since God is Love, we will not be forced or coerced. We do not have to be part of this dramatic transformation – but Christ certainly made it possible for us.

In the end, it is up to us choose to keep our lamps – our lives in this world – trimmed and shaped as God desires. We are not to wait for the days that are coming in idleness, or despair, nor are we to wait in a happy, selfish daze. Repeatedly, Christ reminds his followers of the life we are meant to lead: one that joins God’s work of making the transformation a reality in our world, here and now.

We may not know when Christ will return, but during the season of Advent we remind ourselves that the time is coming soon. Be encouraged, because our work is not done. Even better, we will never be alone in doing it.

Sisters, don’t get weary; brothers, don’t get weary; sinners don’t get weary, for the time is drawing nigh.

Keep Your Lamps

Reverse Advent Calendar: Collect money throughout the season to purchase a well or catch system for someone without clean drinking water – there are many good organizations that make this dream a reality.

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