Four-Lettered Name

As is often the case, the four-lettered word we choose will have remarkable ramifications. So choose wisely…

We are in the midst of full-on Vacation Bible School craziness at the church where I serve at the moment. That means a whole lot of different things. But I think my favorite parts are the wondrous moments of joy on the children’s faces and the incredible growth we see in them even over the course of just a few days.

Earlier this week, we were playing a game of giant scrabble and I asked them for a four-letter word for God. Probably not surprisingly, the word they came up with first was “Lord.” However, that was not the word I was thinking of. And it took a bit more prodding to get to my own selection.

You see mine also began with the letter “L.” It is also scriptural. Frankly it is the word I would exclusively use for God if I had the choice.

Guessed it yet?

It is “Love.” Because our “God is love.”

After our conversation that night, I began to think about it my thoroughly. The choice between these two words, as to which one will take the primary seat in our theological vocabulary, will have an immense impact on everything else about how we see not only God, but ourselves and the rest of the world.

The choice of Lord harkens back to a different age when we submitted to our “betters” as vassals. Not something that is considered a healthy model in any of our mindsets these days.

Whereas, the choice of Love offers multitudinous opportunities to grow in the ever-expanding relationship we are meant to have with God. In turn, that gives us space to mend the relationships we have broken here on earth and to seek new ones in the love that we were made for.

As is often the case, the four-lettered word we choose will have remarkable ramifications. So choose wisely.

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