Blue Christmas

Especially this year, we miss people. We miss connection. We miss the normalcy that Christmas often brings…

I’ll have a blue Christmas without you. I’ll be so blue just thinking about you. Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree won’t be the same dear, if you’re not here with me and when those blue snowflakes start falling, that’s when those blue memories start calling. You’ll be doin’ alright with your Christmas of white, but I’ll have a blue, blue, blue Christmas.

My late husband’s favorite Disney princess is Lilo from the movie Lilo and Stitch. She is a little girl whose parents have passed away at some point before the movie begins and whose little, broken family is really in need of a break. And yet, throughout her story, we see her resilience, humor, and ability to see the good in the worst of us, even when the world is literally falling down around her.

Her favorite musician is “the king,” by which I mean, of course, Elvis Presley. And his all-time Christmas classic is none other than this song. Something tells me Lilo would like this song and its no-nonsense dealing with what’s really going on in life this time of year. Because for a lot of us, it really is a blue, blue, blue Christmas.

Especially this year, we miss people. We miss connection. We miss the normalcy that Christmas often brings.

But here’s a little irony that even the king of Rock’n’Roll didn’t realize: blue is actually the liturgical color of hope.

Many of our churches have actually adopted blue as the color for Advent, the season leading up to Christmas, because rather than needing yet another season of penitence, what we really need a time to be given a chance to believe again. That’s what Christmas actually does – it offers an opportunity, when everything else seems lost, to find that light shining in the distance. The dawn of a new day.

And what is that dawn? The arrival of the Christ-child. The one who offers us a place in his family. No matter where we come from or who we are.

As Lilo herself would say, it is an Ohana family – nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

So even if you’re feeling blue this Christmas, trust me when I say that there is someone out there that will never, ever forget, and will always welcome you with open arms.

Blue Christmas

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