Frail, but hard to kill

How God has lived among us. Moved within us. Breathed life into us when all seemed lost…

For many of us, the days dragging into weeks trailing into months has been grating on us for a while now. We’re not sure what day it is. And the weather isn’t really helping us in telling the season, either.

We want to know when this will be over. More than that, we want to know that this will end.

Though love is the center of who God is and who we are called to be, hope is the thing we need most at this moment. Keep loving, to be sure, but also be mindful that hope is a vital commodity, too.

Throughout our history, God has repeatedly appeared. God walked with Abraham to a new country. God lead Esau to forgiveness for his brother who had stolen his livelihood. God protected Joseph when he was sold into slavery. God shepherded the people through the sea of reeds and the rivers. God stood with the three foreigners thrown into the fiery furnace. And those are just some of the more famous stories from scripture.

We have hope, because of how God has already acted in our lives. The lives of all humans. And our lives in particular.

How God has lived among us. Moved within us. Breathed life into us when all seemed lost.

For any who follow the God of Abraham and Sarah, we very likely have experienced God’s presence at some point. Likely many points. And oftentimes at those points when we needed help most.

But here’s the best part: if all hope seems lost to you and you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, then know that I have hope for you.

Among God’s promises is that others can have faith for us that continues to grow our relationship with God, even when we may not realize it. Others can believe and hope because we know that God is with each and every one of us. Walking with us and working all things for good.

And our hope, though sometimes frail, it is hard to kill (as the old song says). It does not disappoint us – for ours is a hope in the God who is the source of all life and is love itself.

You can have hope, because a new day will dawn. And until it does, you can trust that God is here. With us. Helping us to find our way.

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