I’ll Be Home for Christmas

There are people we love that we wish we could be close to again – but circumstances will not allow it…

I’m dreaming tonight of a place I love even more than I usually do. And although I know it’s a long road back, I promise you – I’ll be home for Christmas. You can plan on me. Please have snow and mistletoe and presents on the tree. Christmas Eve will find me where the love light gleams. I’ll be home for Christmas if only in my dreams. 

First recorded in 1943 by Bing Crosby, the song writers Kim Gannon and Walter Kent intended this song to honor the troops of World War II who were away from their families. Within the first few weeks of its release in the fall of 1943, the song was already hitting the charts, where it remained for eleven weeks.

This song tugs at the heart-strings of so many of us. Whether military service or work has taken us away from home, this song echoes the pleas of our own hearts this season. There are people we love that we wish we could be close to again – but circumstances will not allow it.

This means that we should always be reaching out to those who are away from their families and bringing them as much sense of home as we can. And for those of us who find ourselves a long way from where part of our heart remains, it is essential that we find people with which to surround ourselves as the holidays draw near.

In 2006, Josh Groban recorded a cover of this song that honored its original conception. So grab the Kleenex and hold on to your loved ones – wherever they may be.

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