There Is No Rose

Let us not forget the great miracle that is new life in this world…

There is no rose of such virtue as is the rose that bear Jesu; Alleluia.

For in this rose contained was heaven and earth in little space; Res miranda.

Among the traditional celebrations of Lessons and Carols always comes the inclusion of songs about Mary, like this traditional carol.

In many ways, the Protestant Reformation threw the baby out with the bath water when it comes to Mary. Like many parents who take their children to see their families, the mother (parents) often get overlooked in all the excitement surrounding the kids. But if it were not for Mary’s willingness to carry the child, we would not have the Christmas story.

Let us not forget the great miracle that is new life in this world. Though the Christ-child was particularly special, every child is full of the infinite possibilities of God. And we have the unique blessing of getting to participate in God’s creation through the carrying, birth, and raising of children. We are an essential part of the story, too.

So let us give thanks for the re-creation that occurs through every one of us. And let us give thanks for Mary through whom we have received infinite blessings in her perfect, little child.

Leave we all this worldly mirth, and follow we this joyful birth. Transeamus.

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