Starting out on a journey…

The days ahead will be fraught with countless opportunities to live into an active repentance, one that seeks to serve others…

Many years ago, a professor wrote a series of children’s books. He did so not only to entertain. In a most genius fashion, he crafted a set of tales that would teach the most essential portions of Christian theology to our youngest ones before they could even understand what they were learning. And he made them fascinatingly fun in their own right, to boot.

I am, of course, referring to C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. Throughout these forty days, my congregation is engaging in a study of the most famous of these stories: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We are focusing on several key aspects of what is happening both in the story and what the story teaches us about our faith.

Hear me well: this story is not just for children. There are hidden gems tantalizing enough to engage even our most mature disciples.

As a mirror to this study, I will be using my blog every week to explore some aspects of what we are learning together in class. If you want to prepare, you are welcome to either read the book (it’s not terribly long), or, more easily, to watch the 2006 film version.

Lent is meant to be a season of preparation, repentance, and liminality. Throughout the coming forty days we will journey with Jesus through the final weeks of his life. We will hear his final teachings, see his final miracles, and strive to keep up even as we approach Calvary.

pauline1The days ahead will be fraught with countless opportunities to live into an active repentance, one that seeks to serve others. Like the Pevensie children, we will trek together across the difficult and dangerous terrain of our world seeking the path into which God is leading us. As we do, we should not forget to have courage, be kind, welcome all, and give everything that we can so that all of God’s children might feel the embrace of God’s love.

Blessed Lent and happy hunting (for God’s wisdom and opportunities to serve, that is)!

P.S. For a deeper consideration of the scriptures this Lent, check out my church’s newsletter blog!

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